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Program at a Glance

Program Booklet – ACPR2015 Program Booklet

3rd(Tue): Workshops/Tutorials
Ballroom A Ballroom B Tactic 3
3rd (Tuesday)
09:00-10:30 Tutorial 1 Workshop I (LSMBD)
10:30-10:50 Coffee Break
10:50-12:50 Tutorial I cont. Workshop I cont.
12:50-14:00 Lunch
14:00-15:30 Doctoral Consortium Workshop II (IWHBARW)
15:30-15:50 Coffee Break
15:50-17:50 Doctoral Consortium cont. Workshop II cont.
18:30-20:30 Welcome Reception (Mai Bar, Conference Venue Roof-top)
4th(Wed)-6th(Fri): Main Conference
Ballroom A Ballroom B Tactic 3
4th (Wednesday)
09:00-09:20 Opening Ceremony
09:20-10:10 IAPR Keynote Lecture I – Tieniu Tan
10:10-10:40 Coffee Break
10:40-12:40 Oral session 1 – Faces and Persons
12:40-14:00 Lunch
14:00-15:40 Oral session 2 – Object Recognition
15:40-17:10 Coffee break
Poster session 1 Demo session
17:30 Transfer to Banquet Dinner (Wait at Conference Venue lobby)
19:00-22:30 Banquet Dinner at KL Tower
5th (Thursday)
09:00-09:50 IAPR Keynote Lecturer 2 – Maja Pantic
09:50-10:50 Oral session 3 – Machine Learning
10:50-11:20 Coffee break
11:20-12:40 Oral session 4 – Image Processing
12:40-14:00 Lunch
14:00-14:50 IAPR Keynote Lecturer 3 – Ching Y. Suen
14:50-16:20 Coffee break
Poster Session 2 Demo Session
16:20-18:00 Oral session 5 – Media Processing
18:00-18:30 ACPR 2017 Bidding
6th (Friday)
09:00-09:50 IAPR Keynote Lecturer 4 – Yoshua Bengio
9:50-10:50 Oral session 6 – Clustering
10:50-11:20 Coffee break
11:20-12:40 Oral session 7 – Action Recognition, Detection and Tracking
12:40-14:00 Lunch
14:00-15:00 Oral session 8 – Image Retrieval and Recognition
15:00-16:30 Coffee break
Poster Session 3 Demo Session
16:30-17:30 Oral session 9 – Features
17:30-18:00 Closing

4th(Wednesday) 10:40-12:40 Oral session 1

Chair: Liang Wang

  • [OS1-01] ijiun Li, Shasha Li, nani Hu & Weihong Deng “Simultaneous Blurred Face Restoration and Recognition”
  • [OS1-02] Juhyun Ahn, Daijin Kim & Sue Inn Ch’ng “Hallucination Space Relationship Learning to Improve Very Low Resolution Face Recognition”
  • [OS1-03] Xing Wang, Meng Yang, Linlin Shen & Heyou Chang “Robust Local Representation for Face Recognition with Single Sample Per Person”
  • [OS1-04] Dong Cao, Ran He, Zhenan Sun & Tieniu Tan “Joint Space Learning for Video-based Face Recognition”
  • [OS1-05] Jin Wang, Changxin Gao, Jing Hu & Nong Sang “DeNet: An Explicit Distance Ensemble Model for Person Re-identification”
  • [OS1-06] Ancong Wu, Wei-Shi Zheng & Jian-Huang Lai “Depth-based Person Re-identification”

4th(Wednesday) 14:00-15:40 Oral session 2

Chair: Soo-Hyung Kim

  • [OS2-01] Arjun Sharma & Pramod Sankar K “Enhancing RGB CNNs with Depth”
  • [OS2-02] Reiko Hagawa, Yasunori Ishii & Sotaro Tsukizawa “Multi-staged Deep Learning with Created Coarse and Appended Fine Categories”
  • [OS2-03] Jinglu Wang, Chun Liu, Tianwei Shen & Long Quan “Structure-driven Facade Parsing With Irregular Patterns”
  • [OS2-04] Yang Liu, Rigas Kouskouridas & Tae-Kyun Kim “Video-based Object Recognition with Weakly Supervised Object Localization”
  • [OS2-05] Lianrui Fu, Junge Zhang & Kaiqi Huang ” Mirrored Non-Maximum Suppression for Accurate Object Part Localization”

4th(Wednesday) 15:40-17:10 Poster session 1

Chair: Huei-Yung Lin

  • [PS1-01] Yangdi Xu, Dave Bull & Dima Damen “Unsupervised Daily Routine Modelling from a Depth Sensor using Bottom-Up and Top-Down Hierarchies”
  • [PS1-02] Mutsuki Hiradate, Koichi Ito, Takafumi Aoki, Takafumi Watanabe & Hiroki Unten “An Extension of PatchMatch Stereo for 3D Reconstruction from Multi-View Images”
  • [PS1-03] Yankun Lang, Haiyuan Wu & Qian Chen “Spatial Distribution Feature for 3D Indoor Scene Labelling”
  • [PS1-04] Yu Wang & Jien Kato “Video-level Violence Rating with Rank Prediction”
  • [PS1-05] Yanwei Pang, Yang Wu, Jing Pan & Yuqing He “Occluded Pedestrian Detection with a Probability Density Deformable Part Model”
  • [PS1-06] Rong Wang & Zheng Geng “WA-ICP Algorithm for Tackling Ambiguous Correspondence”
  • [PS1-07] Nan Dong & Jie Shao “Coherent Motion Regions Dynamic Segmentation in Crowded Scenes”
  • [PS1-08] Li-Qi Chen, Huei-Yung Lin & Min-Liang Wang “Color Reprint for Hypochromatopsia Correction”
  • [PS1-09] Peng Li, Haiyuan Wu, Qian Chen & Chongke Bi “Person Re-Identification Using Color Enhancing Feature”
  • [PS1-10] Qiang Guo, Wu Chendong & Yingchun Zhao “Online Selection of Discriminative Features with Approximated Distribution Fields for Efficient Object Tracking”
  • [PS1-11] Dongdong Wang, Xinwen Hou & Cheng-Lin Liu “Chinese Academy of SciencesTraffic Sign Detection from Video: A Fast Approach with Tracking”
  • [PS1-12] Sameera Ramasinghe & Ranga Rodrigo “Action Recognition by Single Stream Convolutional Neural Networks: An Approach using Combined Motion and Static Information”
  • [PS1-13] Niklas Bergstrom, Nils Ståhl & Masatoshi Ishikawa “Exploiting High-Speed Sequences for Background Subtraction”
  • [PS1-14] Dangle Li, Xiaotang Chen & Kaiqi Huang “Multi-attribute Learning for Pedestrian Attribute Recognition in Surveillance Scenarios”
  • [PS1-15] Zhongjun Wu, Shan Li & Weihong Deng “Practical Pose Normalizaiton for Pose-Invariant Face Recognition”
  • [PS1-16] Hai Nguyen, Anh Le & Masaki Nakagawa “Deep Neural Networks for Recognizing Online Handwritten Mathematical Symbols”
  • [PS1-17] Jian Liang, Dong Cao, Ran He, Zhenan Sun & Tieniu Tan “Principal Affinity based Cross-Modal Retrieval”
  • [PS1-18] Tuan Anh Tran, Na In-Seop & Kim Soo-Hyung “A Hybrid Method for Table Detection from Document Image”
  • [PS1-19] Byeongkeun Kang, Subarna Tripathi & Truong Nguyen “Real-time Sign Language Fingerspelling Recognition using Convolutional Neural Networks from Depth Map”
  • [PS1-20] Zhenqi Xu, Shan Li & Weihong Deng “Learning Temporal Features Using LSTM-CNN Architecture for Face Anti-spoofing”
  • [PS1-21] Houssem Chatbri, Keisuke Kameyama & Paul Kwan “Towards a Segmentation and Recognition-free Approach for Content-based Document Image Retrieval of Handwritten Queries”
  • [PS1-22] Jay Bosamiya, Palash Agrawal, Partha Pratim Roy & Balasubramanian Raman “Script Independent Scene Text Segmentation using Fast Stroke Width Transform and GrabCut”
  • [PS1-23] Kohei Matsuzaki, Yusuke Uchida, Shigeyuki Sakazawa & Shin’Ichi Satoh “Local Feature Reliability Measure Using Multiview Synthetic Images for Mobile Visual Search”
  • [PS1-24] Bilan Zhu, Arti Shivram, Venu Govindaraju & Masaki Nakagawa “Online Handwritten Cursive Word Recognition Using Segmentation-free and Segmentation-based Methods”
  • [PS1-25] Wataru Ohyama, Yoichiro Hotta & Tetsushi Wakabayashi “Spatiotemporal Auto-Correlation of Grayscale Gradient with Importance Map for Cooking Gesture Recognition”
  • [PS1-26] Khanh Phan, Cuong Tuan Nguyen, Anh Le & Masaki Nakagawa “An Incremental Recognition Method for Online Handwritten Mathematical Expressions”
  • [PS1-27] Cuong Tuan Nguyen & Masaki Nakagawa “An Improved Segmentation of Online English Handwritten Text using Recurrent Neural Networks”
  • [PS1-28] Tanmoy Mondal, Arundhuti Tarafdar, Jean-Yves Ramel, Nicolas Ragot & Umapada Pal “Improved Shape Code Based Word Matching For Multi-script Documents”
  • [PS1-29] Farhood Negin, Serhan Cosar, Michal Koperski & Francois Bremond “Generating Unsupervised Models for Online Long-Term Daily Living Activity Recognition”
  • [PS1-30] Hoangvu Nguyen, Wankou Yang & Changyin Sun “Transposed Discriminative Low-Rank Representation for Face Recognition”
  • [PS1-31] Alessandro Zamberletti, Ignazio Gallo & Lucia Noce “Augmented Text Character Proposals and Convolutional Neural Networks for Text Spotting from Scene Images”
  • [PS1-32] Lingxiao Song, Man Zhang, Qi Li, Ran He & Zhenan Sun “Float Greedy-search-based Subspace Clustering”
  • [PS1-33] Anjan Dutta & Hichem Sahbi “High Order Graphlets for Pattern Classification”
  • [PS1-34] Jakub Nalepa, Krzysztof Siminski & Michal Kawulok “Towards Parameter-less Support Vector Machines”
  • [PS1-35] Pengcheng Liu, Peipei Yang, Kaiqi Huang & Tieniu Tan “Uniform Low-Rank Representation for Unsupervised Visual Domain Adaptation”
  • [PS1-36] Hajar Alharbi, Gregory Falzon & Paul Kwan “A Novel Feature Reduction Framework for Digital Mammogram Image Classification”
  • [PS1-37] Heyou Chang, Meng Yang & Jian Yang “A Bottom-Up Dictionary Learning based Classification for Face Recognition”
  • [PS1-38] Jianjuan Liang, Bilan Zhu, Taro Kumagai & Masaki Nakagawa “Character-Position-Free On-line Handwritten Japanese Text Recognition”
  • [PS1-39] Takuji Shimamawari, Koji Eguchi & Atsuhiro Takasu “Bayesian Nonparametric Inference of Latent Topic Hierarchies for Multimodal Data”
  • [PS1-40] Shuangfeng Dai, Ke Lu & Jiyang Dong “Lung Segmentaion with Improved Graph Cuts on Chest CT Images”
  • [PS1-41] Lerenhan Li, Luxin Yan, Nong Sang, Changxin Gao & Jing Hu “Aero-thermal Radiation Correction via Multi-scale Bias Field Estimation”
  • [PS1-42] Zuming Huang, Jie Gu, Goofing Meng & Chunhong Pan “Text Line Extraction of Curved Document Images using Hybrid Metric”
  • [PS1-43] Wei Ma, Xiaohui Qiu, Luwei Yang, Shuo Liu & Lijuan Duan “Fast Interactive Segmentation in Stereo Images Based on Multi-scale Graph”
  • [PS1-44] Sankaraganesh Jonna, Krishna Nakka & Rajiv Sahay “My Camera Can See Through Fences: A Deep Learning Approach for Image De-fencing”
  • [PS1-45] Yuen Peng Loh & Chee Seng Chan “Unveiling Contrast Within Darkness”
  • [PS1-46] Yuan-Ting Hu & Yen-Yu Lin “Robust Feature Matching via Multiple Descriptor Fusion”

5th(Thursday) 09:50-10:50 Oral session 3

Chair: Ke Lu

  • [OS3-01] Ryoji Wakayama, Ryuei Murata, Akisato Kimura, Takayoshi Yamashita, Yuji Yamauchi & Hironobu Fujiyoshi “Distributed Forests for MapReduce-based Machine Learning”
  • [OS3-02] Shu Zhang, Man Zhang, Qi Li, Tieniu Tan & Ran He “Supervised Topology Preserving Hashing”
  • [OS3-03] Aniket Singh & Anoop Namboodiri “Laplacian Pyramids for Deep Feature Inversion”

5th(Thursday) 11:20 – 12:40 Oral session 4

Chair: Koichi Kise

  • [OS4-01] Yuta Shimamoto, Qian Chen, Xiang Ruan & Haiyuan Wu “Efficient Cepstrum Analysis based UNLM PSF Estimation in Single Blurred Image”
  • [OS4-02] Wenming Yang, Yapeng Tian, Fei Zhou, Tingrong Yuan, Xuesen Shang & Qingmin Liao “Single-Image Super-Resolution using Clustering-Based Global Regression and Propagation Filtering”
  • [OS4-03] Siavash Arjomand Bigdeli, Matthias Zwicker & Gregor Budweiser “Temporally Coherent Disparity Maps using CRFs with Fast 4D Filtering”
  • [OS4-04] Sonar Nahar & Manjunath Joshi “A Learned Overcomplete Sparseness and IGMRF Based Regularization Framework For Dense Disparity Estimation”

5th(Thursday) 14:50-16:20 Poster session 2

Chair: Nong Sang

  • [PS2-01] Sing Kuang Tan, Tat-Jen Cham & Jianxin Wu “Steerable Second Order Intensity Features for Pedestrian Detection”
  • [PS2-02] Jie Geng, Zhenjiang Miao, Qinghua Liang & Shu Wang “Linear Multimodal Fusion in Video Concept Analysis Based on Node Equilibrium Model”
  • [PS2-03] Thoma Papadhimitri & Onay Urfalioglu “Multi-Cut Light Field Depth Estimation”
  • [PS2-04] Nobuhiro Miyazaki, Kentaro Tsuji, Mingxie Zheng, Moyuri Nakashima, Yuji Matsuda & Eigo Segawa “Privacy-conscious Human Detection Using Low-resolution Video”
  • [PS2-05] Yachun Feng, Hong Zhang, Hao Chen, Helong Wang & Ding Yuan, “Visual Tracking via Multi-experts Combined with Average Hash Model”
  • [PS2-06] Yun Yang, Baochang Zhang, Linlin Yang, Chen Chen & Wankou Yang “Action Recognition Using Completed Local Binary Patterns and Multiple-class Boosting Classifier”
  • [PS2-07] Wei Zhao, Yao Lu, Haohao Jiang & Wei Huang “Event Detection in Soccer Videos using Shot Focus Identification”
  • [PS2-08] Igor Varfolomeev, Ivan Yakimchuk & Boris Sharchilev “Segmentation of 3D Image of a Rock Sample Supervised by 2D Mineralogical Image”
  • [PS2-09] Misae Nakatsu, Xian-Hua Han, Ryosuke Kimora & Yen-Wei Chen “Discriminant Statistical Analysis of Local Facial Geometrical Regions”
  • [PS2-10] Imtiaz Ziko, Elisa Fromont, Damien Musket & Marc Sebban “Supervised Spectral Subspace Clustering for Visual Dictionary Creation in the Context of Image Classification”
  • [PS2-11] Kei Terayama, Koki Hongo, Hitoshi Habe & Masa-aki Sakagami “Appearance-based Multiple Fish Tracking for Collective Motion Analysis”
  • [PS2-12] Kristof Van Beeck & Toon Goedemé “Efficient Multiclass Object Detection: Detecting Pedestrians and Bicyclists in a Truck’s Blind Spot Camera”
  • [PS2-13] Wang Jun & Tao Wu “Camera and Lidar Fusion for Pedestrian Detection”
  • [PS2-14] Anabik Pal, Anandarup Roy, Kushal Sen, Raghunath Chatterjee, Utpal Garain & Swapan Senapati “Mixture Model based Color Clustering for Psoriatic Plaque Segmentation”
  • [PS2-15] Feimo Li, Shuxiao Li, Chengfei Zhu, Xiaosong Lan & Hongxing Chang “Specific Changes Detection in Visible-Band VHR Images using Classification Likelihood Space”
  • [PS2-16] Tianxia Gong, Bolan Su, Abhinit Ambastha, Chew Lim Tan & Tchoyoson Lim “Automated Prognosis Analysis for Traumatic Brain Injury CT Images”
  • [PS2-17] Palaiahnakote Shivakumara, Guozhu Liang, Sangheeta Roy, Umapada Pal & Tong Lu “New Texture-Spatial Features for Keyword Spotting in Video Images”
  • [PS2-18] Shu Wang & Zhenjiang Miao “Sketch-based Image Retrieval using Sketch Tokens”
  • [PS2-19] Hongjun Wang, Jiani Hu & Weihong Deng “Binary Matching for High-dimensional Image Descriptors”
  • [PS2-20] Hongwei Li, Jianguo Zhang & Wei-Shi Zheng “HEp-2 Cells Staining Patterns Classification via Wavelet Scattering Network and Random Forest”
  • [PS2-21] Tabish Syed & Jayanthi Sivaswamy “Latent Factor Model Based Classification for Detecting Abnormalities in Retinal Images”
  • [PS2-22] Zhenyin Fan, Zhenhua Guo & Youbin Chen “Writer Identification using Edge based Features”
  • [PS2-23] Rahul Sharma, Pramod Kompalli, & Jawahar C.V. “Fine-Grain Annotation of Cricket Videos”
  • [PS2-24] Ayan Das, Ayan Kumar Bhunia, Partha Pratim Roy & Umapada Pal “Handwritten Word Spotting in Indic Scripts using Foreground and Background Information”
  • [PS2-25] Shekar B H & Sharada Bhat “Steerable Riesz Wavelet based Approach for Iris Recognition”
  • [PS2-26] Motoi Iwata, Eiki Imazu & Koichi Kise “Similarity Learning Based on Pool-Based Active Learning for Manga Character Retrieval”
  • [PS2-27] Chaoyu Liang, Yonghong Song & Yuanlin Zhang “Real-time Fingertip Detection based on Depth Data”
  • [PS2-28] Erina Schaffer, Hiroaki Kawashima & Takashi Matsuyama “Estimation of Browsing States in Consumer Decision Processes from Eye Movements”
  • [PS2-29] Chen Chen, Junjun Jiang, Baochang Zhang, Wankou Yang & Jianzhong Guo “Hyperspectral Image Classification Using Gradient Local Auto-Correlations”
  • [PS2-30] Yasunori Ishii, Reiko Hagawa & Sotaro Tsukizawa “Deep Learning using Heterogeneous Feature Maps for Mahout Networks”
  • [PS2-31] Michal Kawulok & Jakub Nalepa “Towards Robust SVM Training from Weakly Labeled Large Data Sets”
  • [PS2-32] Raghvendra Kannao & Prithwijit Guha “A Novel Local Success Weighted Ensemble Classifier”
  • [PS2-33] Chunfeng Song, Yongzhen Huang, Zhenyu Wang & Liang Wang “1000fps Human Segmentation with Deep Convolutional Neural Networks”
  • [PS2-34] Guanwen Zhang, Jien Kato, Yu Wang & Kenji Mase “How to Initialize the CNN for small datasets: Extracting Discriminative Filters from Pre-trained Model”
  • [PS2-35] Kazunori Iwata, Nobu Suematsu & Akira Hayashi “A New Shape Descriptor Based on an Angular-Linear Probability Distribution”
  • [PS2-36] Yoshiyuki Kjawano & Keiji Yanai “Low-Bit Representation of Linear Classifier Weights for Mobile Large-Scale Image Classification”
  • [PS2-37] Yuki Kawana & Norimichi Ukita “Occlusion-Robust Model Learning for Human Pose Estimation”
  • [PS2-38] Michał Cholewa & Przemysław Głomb “Natural Human Gestures Classification using Multisensor Data”
  • [PS2-39] Tatsuya Baba, Keiichiro Shirai, Masahiro Okuda, Yusuke Tatesumi & Paul Perrotin “An Automatic Yearbook Style Photo Generation Method using Color Grading and Guide Image Filtering based Facial Skin Color Correction”
  • [PS2-40] Yi Li, Yanqing Guo, Jun Guo, Ming Li & Xiangwei Kong “CRF with Locality-Consistent Dictionary Learning for Semantic Segmentation”
  • [PS2-41] Cong Yang, Oliver Tiebe, Marcin Grzegorzek & Ewa Lukasik “Skeleton-based Audio Envelope Shape Analysis”
  • [PS2-42] Jingchen Gu, Qieshi Zhang & Sei-ichiro Kamata “Robust Road Lane Detection using Extremal-Region Enhancement”
  • [PS2-43] Naresh Y.G & Nagendraswamy H.S “A novel Fuzzy LBP based Symbolic Representation Technique for Classification of Medicinal Plants”
  • [PS2-44] Zhenhao Ge, Yingyi Tan & Aravind Ganapathiraju “Accent Classification with Phonetic Vowel Representation”
  • [PS2-45] Falong Shen, JiYuan Zhang, Rui Gan, Jingdong Wang & Gang Zeng “Layered Contextual Model For Face Alignment With Group Sparse Feature”

5th(Thursday) 16:20-18:00 Oral session 5

Chair: Wataru Ohyama

  • [OS5-01] Kaihao Zhang, Yongzhen Huang, Hong Wu & Liang Wang “Facial Smile Detection Based on Deep Learning Features”
  • [OS5-02] Chelsi Agrawal, Debi Prosad Dogra, Rajkumar Saini & Partha Pratim Roy “Segmentation and Recognition of Text written in 3D using Leap Motion Interface”
  • [OS5-03] Vijeta Khare, Shivakumara Palaiahnakote, Raveendran Paramesran, Kim Meng Liang & Hon Hock Woon “A New Sharpness based Approach for Character Segmentation in License Plate Images”
  • [OS5-04] Qier Meng, Takayuki Kitasaka, Yukitaka Nimura, Masahiro Oda & Kensaku Mori “A Study on Improvement of Airway Segmentation using Hybrid Method”
  • [OS5-05] Xian-Hua Han “Nuclear Detection in 4D Microscope Images of Developing Embryo Using Enhanced Probability Map of Top-ranked Intensity-ordered Descriptors”

6th(Friday) 9:50-10:50 Oral session 6

Chair: Umapada Pal

  • [OS6-01] Dong Wang, Ran He, Liang Wang & Tieniu Tan “Adaptive Multi-view Clustering via Cross Trace Lasso”
  • [OS6-02] Yanbo Fan, Ran He & Baogang Hu “Global and Local Consistent Multi-view Subspace Clustering”
  • [OS6-01] Csaba Beleznai, Andreas Zweng, Josef Alois Birchbauer & Thomas Netousek “Multi-Resolution Binary Shape Tree for Efficient 2D Clustering”

6th(Friday) 11:20-12:40 Oral session 7

Chair: Cheng-lin Liu

  • [OS7-01] Hongsong Wang, Wei Wang & Liang Wang “Hierarchical Motion Evolution for Action Recognition”
  • [OS7-02] Yong Du, Yun Fu & Liang Wang “Skeleton Based Action Recognition with Convolutional Neural Network”
  • [OS7-03] Lei Wang, Xu Zhao & Yuncai Liu “Reduce False Positives for Human Detection by a Priori Probability in Videos”
  • [OS7-04] Heng Fan, Jinhai Xiang & Fuchuan Ni “Multilayer Feature Combination for Visual Tracking”

6th(Friday) 14:00-15:00 Oral session 8

Chair: Chee Seng Chan

  • [OS8-01] Ruxandra Tapu, Bogdan Mocanu & Titus Zaharia “Efficient Graph Spanning Structures for Large Database Image Retrieval”
  • [OS8-02] Koustav Ghosal, Anoop Namboodiri, Prabhu Pandurang & Riddhiman Dasgupta “Learning Clustered Subspaces for Sketch-based Image Retrieval”
  • [OS8-03] Mohammad Azad, Igor Chikalov, Shahid Hussain & Mikhail Moshkov “Multi-Pruning of Decision Trees for Knowledge Representation and Classification”

6th(Friday) 15:00-16:30 Poster session 3

Chair: Palaiahnakote Shivakumara

  • [PS3-01] JiYuan Zhang, Rui Gan, Gang Zeng, Falong Shen & Hongbin Zha “Trajectory-based Stereo Visual Odometry with Statistical Outlier Rejection”
  • [PS3-02] Xiaoxue Ye, Jing Pan, Yanwei Pang & Yuqing He “Face Recognition Using Implicit-Gabor and Nonlinear Subspace Analysis”
  • [PS3-03] Fran Jurišić, Ivan Filković & Zoran Kalafatić “Multiple-dataset Traffic Sign Classification with OneCNN”
  • [PS3-04] Shiwei Zhang, Nong Sang, Changxin Gao, Feifei Chen & Jing Hu “Mid-Level Parts Mined By Feature Selection For Action Recognition”
  • [PS3-05] Wentao Liu & Xihong Wu “Semi-Global Depth from Focus”
  • [PS3-06] Sudipto Banerjee, Sachet Aggarwal & Anoop Namboodiri “Fine Pose Estimation of Known Objects in Cluttered Scene Images”
  • [PS3-07] Xiaofeng Han, Jianfeng Lu, Ying Tai & Chunxia Zhao “A Real-time LIDAR and Vision based Pedestrian Detection System for Unmanned Ground Vehicles”
  • [PS3-08] Kensho Hara & Kenji Mase “Hough-based Action Detection with Time-warped Voting”
  • [PS3-09] Md Baharul Islam, Wong Lai Kuan, Wong Chee Onn & Kok-Lim Low “Stereoscopic Image Warping for Enhancing Composition Aesthetics”
  • [PS3-10] Mustafa Shdaifat, Andreas Dengel, Syed Bukhari & Takumi Toyama “Robust Object Recognition in Wearable Eye Tracking System”
  • [PS3-11] Prospero Jr. Naval, Christine Balili & Caryssa Sobrepeña “Classification of Heart Sounds using Discrete and Continuous Wavelet Transform and Random Forests”
  • [PS3-12] Jia-xin Cai & Guocan Feng “Human action recognition in the fractional Fourier domain”
  • [PS3-13] Sze Teng Liong, John See, KokSheik Wong, Anh Cat Le Ngo, Yee Hui Oh & Raphael Phan “Automatic Apex Frame Spotting in Micro-expression Database”
  • [PS3-14] Yingcheng Su, Yingcheng Su, Zhenhua Guo, Yujiu Yang & Wei-Guo Yang “Face Recognition with Occlusion”
  • [PS3-15] Ping Hu, Weiqiang Wang & Ke Lu “Video Text Detection with Text Edges and Convolutional Neural Network”
  • [PS3-16] Nilanjana Bhattacharya, Volkmar Frinken, Umapada Pal & Partha Pratim Roy “Overwriting Repetition and Crossing-out Detection in Online Handwritten Text”
  • [PS3-17] Hyunsung Park & Daijin Kim “Gaze Classification on a Mobile Device by using Deep Belief Networks”
  • [PS3-18] Jiamin Xu, Palaiahnakote Shivakumara, Tong Lu, Chew Lim Tan & Michael Blumenstein “Text Detection in Born-Digital Images by Mass Estimation”
  • [PS3-19] Li Chen, Song Wang, Wei Fan, Jun Sun & Naoi Satoshi “Beyond Human Recognition: A CNN-Based Framework for Handwritten Character Recognition”
  • [PS3-20] Kei Tanaka & Kengo Terasawa “Character Recognition of Medieval English Manuscripts supported by a Word Frequency Table”
  • [PS3-21] Partha Pratim Roy, Ayan Das, Dipak Majhi & Umapada Pal “Retrieval of Scene Image and Video Frames using Date Field Spotting”
  • [PS3-22] Shih-Chung Hsu & Chung-Lin Huang “Object Verification in Two Different Views using Sparse Representation”
  • [PS3-23] Xin He, Yichao Wu, Kai Chen, Fei Yin & Cheng-Lin Liu “Neural Network Based Over-Segmentation for Scene Text Recognition”
  • [PS3-24] Bikash Shaw, Ujjwal Bhattacharya & Swapan Parui “Offline Handwritten Devanagari Word Recognition: Information Fusion at Feature and Classifier Levels”
  • [PS3-25] Chong Cao & Haizhou Ai “Non-Semantic Facial Parts for Face Verification”
  • [PS3-26] Shuying Liu & Weihong Deng “Very Deep Convolutional Neural Network Based Image Classification Using Small Training Sample Size”
  • [PS3-27] Abhijit Guha Roy & Debdoot Sheet “DASA: Domain Adaptation in Stacked Autoencoders using Systematic Dropout”
  • [PS3-28] Hengmin Zhang, Wei Luo, Jian Yang & Lei Luo “Locality-constrained Group Sparse Coding Regularized NMR for Robust Face Recognition”
  • [PS3-29] Yuki Suzuki, Daisuke Deguchi, Yasutomo Kawanishi, Ichiro Ide & Hiroshi Murase “Detector Ensemble based on False Positive Mining for Pedestrian Detection”
  • [PS3-30] Zhuqiang Chen, Bo Jiang, Jin Tang & Bin Luo “Image Set Representation and Classification with Covariate-relation Graph”
  • [PS3-31] Bowornrat Sriman & Lambert Schomaker “Explicit Foreground and Background Modeling in The Classification of Text Blocks in Scene Images”
  • [PS3-32] Hironobu Fujiyoshi, Takayoshi Yamashita, Yuji Yamauchi & Masamitsu Tsuchiya “Transfer Forest Based on Covariate Shift”
  • [PS3-33] Ryoma Hasegawa & Kazuhiro Hotta “Stacked Partial Least Squares Regression for Image Classification”
  • [PS3-34] Xiao Ma & Jufu Feng “Sparse Autoencoder based Spatial Pyramid Facial Feature Learning”
  • [PS3-35] Junyong Si & Weiping Li “Age-invariant Face Recognition using a Feature Progressing Model”
  • [PS3-36] Jiafeng Li, Hong Zhang, Hao Chen, Yifan Yang & Mingui Sun “Haze Removal based on Sparse Representation Prior”
  • [PS3-37] Freddie Astrom & Christoph Schnoerr “On Coupled Regularization for Non-Convex Variational Image Enhancement”
  • [PS3-38] Min Li, Zhenjiang Miao & Cong Ma “Feature Extraction with Convolutional Restricted Boltzmann Machine for Audio Classification”
  • [PS3-39] Redzuan Abdul Manap, Ling Shao & Alejandro Frangi “Blind Image Quality Assessment via A Two-Stage Non-Parametric Framework”
  • [PS3-40] Rigen Te & Cheng Yan “Efficient objectness via saliency seeds and contour segments”
  • [PS3-41] Shasha Li, Yukai Tu, Weihong Deng & Jiwen Lu “Noise-resistant local binary pattern based on random projection”

6th(Friday) 16:30-17:30 Oral session 9

Chair: Kazuhiro Hotta

  • [OS9-01] Daichi Kusanagi, Shoichiro Aoyama, Koichi Ito & Takafumi Aoki “A Person Authentication System Using Second Minor Finger Knuckles for Door Handle”
  • [OS9-02] Mohammed Abdullah, Jonathon Chambers, Wai Woo & Satnam Dlay “Iris Biometric: Is the Near-Infrared Spectrum always the Best?”
  • [OS9-03] Xian-Hua Han “Co-occurrence Context of the data-driven Quantized Local Ternary Patterns for Visual Recognition”